– Why we created Zarina –


Originally large-scale wholesalers and distributors of well-known tableware items, we found ourselves always in search of items that we knew would sell. Often briefing our suppliers to tailor make items that we dream up, we decided to develop our own brand, pouring our heart and soul to creating items that were fresh and unseen without compromising on quality or durability. Enter Zarina…


On our trips to India, we met a woman who emanated beauty and seemed to simply glow. Our inner curiosity (read: nosiness) led us to inquire more about her. The story we learned was nothing short of fascinating…


Zarina was born under a sandalwood tree to an artisan Indian family. Legend has it, Zarina was not her birth name but she was later given the name “Zarina” meaning beautiful, as her beauty became apparent and was talked about from village to village. Zarina was also very creative, often helping her father and brothers produce metal goods in the small clay oven dug out of the floor of their humble shop. It was as if she had a magical touch as all the items she herself created would sell almost immediately. As she grew older, Zarina received many suitors asking for her hand in marriage due to her renowned beauty. At the age of 15, she wed a wealthy man, 15 years her senior, and left the village. Not much is known about that period of her life, but she returned to her family a few years later with two sons and enough money to restart her father’s dwindling business. Her items were known for their beauty and quality, and many deeply believed that they brought luck and fortune to their homes.  


Fascinated by this story, we simply knew that we had to name our brand after her, hoping that the sandalwood tree that we include with every product will bring you the same luck and fortune to your home. Thus, Zarina Tableware was born. Now, we produce items all over the world and work with designers spanning the globe with an emphasis on the renowned creative talent of our home country of Lebanon to ensure a constant stream of fresh designs. Currently, the portfolio includes a vast collection of coffee and tea cups, serving items, trays, votives, vases and gift sets. Soon, the Zarina Tableware collection will expand to include more varieties of metal based serverware, as well as porcelain serving pieces, dinnerware, flatware and serving utensils.


– Our Mission –


To provide quality cutting edge design tableware items at accessible prices.


– Our Vision –


To create sustainable jobs by empowering artisans to improve and expand their work.  Now artisans that are part of our Zarina family are able to earn a stable, healthy income giving them and their families a brighter future.

To see Zarina Tableware items (and their accompanying good luck tree) present and loved in homes around the globe.

“There was magic in Zarina’s touch and sunshine soon followed.”

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